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Tasmania Hosts Colourthon To Prevent Family Violence

Raising money and awareness!

Kicking off today, Project O has launched a 24 Hour Colourthon in Tasmania to raise funds to help prevent family violence.

In Braddon, a federal electorate in Tasmania, 28 per cent of young people have experienced or witnessed family violence. The North-West of Tasmania is one of the poorest states in the country, and the young women behind Project O have started the Colourthon to raise money for women’s refuges in the area.

Scott Rankin, the creative director of Big hART, who is also involved in the Colourthon, told The Daily Telegraph more about the project.

“People usually associate family with safety, so when we suddenly see the prevalence of violence, it shatters that myth and can be doubly shocking. 

“This is what makes the young women on this project so gutsy: they are not necessarily in comfortable situations, they’re young, they live in an isolated area, they witness the issue, and here they are doing more than most of us who may have been dealt an easier hand.”

Throughout the 24 hours, local businesses will sponsor the artworks created, and the money will go to women and children who flee to women’s shelters in the area.

So far, it seems like it’s off to a good start, with Big hART tweeting this gem:

The photo was captioned “The #24hourcolourathon has begun! Lots of people coming down to draw including @brettwhiteleymp and more. What a day”.

We wish them all the best!

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