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Hiddleswift Spent The Weekend Frolicking In The Ocean

And it was awkward. Very awkward.

Like any new couple, Taylor Swift and Tom Hiddleston were keen to spend the Fourth of July weekend (Independence Day in the US of A for those who don’t know) together.

As had come tradition, Taylor assembled her squad – which included Karlie Kloss, Gigi Hadid, Ruby Rose, Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds to name a few – at her house in Rhode Island and the group descended on the beach.

Like any group of friends, they were splashing around, laughing, taking selfies. As you do.

But there was one thing that stood out and now everybody can’t stop talking about it.

Tom Hiddleston was wearing a singlet that read ‘I heart TS’ – and if that wasn’t enough he had drawn a love heart on his arm with the initial ‘T’ in it.


A grown man, an accomplished actor, tipped to the next James Bond. Why Tom, why?

We know, we know, this might be coming from the green-eyed-monster – sure if Tom Hiddleston wanted to wear a shirt with our initials blasted across it we probably wouldn’t say no either…

But still, Tom, why?

Maybe we’re overreacting, so just, take a look for yourselves and see how you feel about it…

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