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These Are The Top 10 Highest-Rated Friends Episodes, For All You Central Perk Fanatics

Yes, Brad Pitt's iconic guest appearance made the cut.

Friends is one of those timeless shows that truly defined an era and continues to make us laugh to this day. The series first hit our screens in September 1994 and finished its ten-season run in May 2004, clocking in at 236 episodes.

While the show is beloved by many, the best episodes continue to be a contentious subject (but not as contentious as whether Ross and Rachel were on a break). If you ever had any doubt or curiosities as to the top-rated episodes, we’ve got a subjective ranking right here. Courtesy of, we now have a definitive answer. The brand scraped IMDb to objectively determine which Friends episodes pulled in the highest ratings. 

Let’s take a trip down memory lane, shall we? 

Tied for first place is, The One Where Everybody Finds Out and The Last One: Part 2. Both of these earned a solid 9.7 out of 10, and let’s be honest, nobody could hold back the tears when Chandler muttered the final words when asked if the gang wanted to go for one final coffee, ‘Sure…where?’ As for the other, who can forget the moment where Ross finally finds out about Monica and Chandler’s relationship?

In second place is, The One With The Embryos which sees Phoebe begin her surrogacy journey for her brother, while third place goes to The One With The Prom Video. Nobody can forget the episode where Rachel and Ross share a kiss after she watches old footage from her prom night. It’s the onscreen couple where it’s never really on but it’s never really off either, we just can’t get enough of it. This kiss was also recently crowned TV’s most memorable on-screen kiss by

Tied for fourth place is, The One With The Proposal, The One With The Rumour and The One With The Videotape.  The episode about the rumour is unsurprisingly ranked highly as it’s the episode where Brad Pitt makes a guest appearance.  This is the episode where his character still holds hatred toward Rachel for how he treated her in high school. Given that Pitt and Aniston were married in real life at the time of filming, it made for extremely entertaining viewing. The videotape episode is equally memorable, as we finally have an answer as to who instigated the night where Ross and Rachel fell pregnant – an ongoing debate between the group. 

Coming in at shared fifth place is, The One With Ross’s Wedding: Part 2, The One With All The Thanksgivings and The One Where Ross Got High. The second part of Ross and Emily’s wedding is the iconic episode where Chandler and Monica sleep together, beginning their love affair. It was something that nobody saw coming, but were extremely happy to see it play out.  

If you’re wondering which episode ranked last (ouch) it’s actually The One With The Invitation which scored a 7.2 out of 10. This sees Ross and Emily send out their wedding invitations, causing a nostalgic Ross to take a look back on his relationship with Rachel. We can only assume it ranked so poorly given everyone’s disdain for Ross and Emily’s relationship, right? 

Whether you agree or disagree with this list, you can’t argue with the numbers. That being said, The One Where Ross Is Fine, The One With Unagi, The One With All The Cheesecakes, The One With Ross’ Tan and The One With All The Resolutions (read: Ross’ leather pants incident), definitely deserve a special mention.  

For now, we’ll be reminiscing and counting down the days until the reunion episode on May 27. 

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