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Teresa Bradford’s Family Calls For ‘Teresa’s Law’ To Prevent Further Murders

They say the Queensland government needs to do more.

In January, Queenslander Teresa Bradford was murdered by her ex-husband, who was released on bail without her knowledge.

David Bradford had been convicted for domestic violence and was awarded bail, despite police opposing the decision. Upon being released, he proceeded to break into Teresa’s house and stab her to death, before taking his own life.

The murder left four children without parents and Teresa’s family incredibly angry at the Queensland government for releasing Bradford when he was clearly still a danger to society.

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In March, two months after Teresa’s death, the government passed a law attempting to stop further deaths of the same nature. It states that a victim of domestic violence must be notified when their perpetrator is released from custody, however, Teresa’s family wants more to be done.

Speaking to ABC’s 7.30, Teresa’s brother Darren O’Brien said, “[The legal system] immensely, immensely failed. I’m beyond angry.”

His wife, Narelle O’Brien, added, “It’s disgusting, I don’t know how they can justify it. Obviously, he was a danger to the public. Why was he allowed out? I just don’t understand the system.”

The grieving family are now calling for ‘Teresa’s Law’ to be implemented, which would make it compulsory for all offenders to undergo mental health evaluation before being considered for release.

“If they’re at risk of committing suicide or offending or have any sort of mental health issue going on there, then they should automatically not be granted bail or put into a hospital until they go to court,” Narelle O’Brien said of the suggested new law.

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