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Teresa Palmer Was Shamed For Breastfeeding Her Toddler. But She’s Not Having A Bar Of It

The actress practices ‘extended breastfeeding’
Your Zen Mama

Australian actress Teresa Palmer has hit back at critics who question her decision to continue breastfeeding her son as a toddler.

Recently, Palmer revealed she breastfeeds her two-year-old son Bodhi and doesn’t intention to wean him anytime soon. 

In a post on her blog, Your Zen Mama, Palmer spoke of the social discrimination she faces for her decision to practice ‘extended breastfeeding’. “I know women who won’t feed their 2 year old in public for this reason,” Palmer said. “From dirty looks, to whispers and nasty comments, it is downright bullying.”

“I think if woman are equipped and confident with the facts of the health benefits from a scientific standpoint then perhaps they’ll feel empowered enough to continue breastfeeding their older toddler in public.

“Although ‘because it’s none of your business this is our right and choice’ should be enough of a comment if anyone questions, it can be helpful to shut someone down from a scientific standpoint (I personally just did this last week!) here is some info for the inventory.”

For Palmer and her son, the practice feels completely normal. “He still seems like such a baby to me and is still very dependent on me for so many things,” she said. “But having his boobies is certainly his favourite activity and I assume it will be so for much longer.”

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