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The 8 Aldi Products Foodies Love

Aldiholics and proud

I love Aldi. I love the thrill I get from the surprise specials (hello, multi-functional dog leash), the dangerous rush that comes from having to pack your own bags at lightning speed, the shockingly low prices.

Then, of course, there are the go-to products I buy each and every week. I’ve even purchased an official trolley token: the true sign of a cult member.

Now, I won’t pretend the bargain supermarket chain is perfect (ahem: excessive plastic packaging on fruit and veg). Plus, it can be pretty overwhelming on your first trip… and that’s why we asked our foodie friends to spill on what they add to cart.

Specially Selected Parmigiano Reggiano 200g $6.99

“I love how affordable it is (cheaper cheese means more cheese) and the rich umami flavour is comparable to versions that are thrice the price.” – Faith Campbell, deputy editor, InStyle

Just Organic Fair Trade Dark Chocolate 100g $2.49

“My family did a blind taste test of dark chocolate, from the expensive to the supermarket brands. This one topped them all. When it was temporarily off shelves recently, I nearly had a meltdown—it’s my Friday night treat.” – Naomi Chrisoulakis, features editor, Marie Claire

Just Organic Apple Cider Vinegar $3.29

“I use it in bulk for pickling cabbage. There’s all sorts of health benefits but really I use it because the depth of apple flavor makes the cabbage so much more delicious. I always have a batch in the fridge and use it alongside roasts and anything meaty.” – Anna McCooe, lifestyle editor, Marie Claire

Veuve Monsigny Brut Champagne $19.99

“I love their champagne – my aunt served it one year at Christmas and everyone loved it. I couldn’t believe it when I found out it was from Aldi! Tastes great and way more affordable than the usual bubbles.” – Alexandra Davies, features editor, Women’s Health

Emporium Selection Feta Cheese 200g $2.69

“I tried it on a whim in a spinach and feta pie and it made the whole thing completely delicious. I’ve tried other brands since and they’re just not as good, so now I won’t use anything else.” – Alex Carlton, features director, Marie Claire

The Pond Cabernet Sauvignon, $6.99

“So drinkable, I’m never paying $25 for an average bottle of red ever again. I may have been known to take it to dinner parties.” – Naomi Chrisoulakis, features editor, Marie Claire 

Brannans Butchery Greek Style Boneless Butterflied Chicken, $10.99

“It’s become a bit of a staple in my weekly shop. The marinade is fresh and flavoursome. It’s a quick meal, just throw the BBQ and serve with Greek yoghurt, salad and chips. The kids love it!” – Imogene Abady, Creative & Food Director, Home Beautiful Magazine

Emporium Selection Aged Cheddar 20 month 250g $3.99

“Bitey, crumbly, moreish.” – Naomi Chrisoulakis, features editor, Marie Claire

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