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Bachelor Contestant Elora Says Laura Isn’t As Nice As She Seems On TV

"She can be a bit degrading"

Wednesday night’s episode of The Bachelor saw both Elora and Cobie get sent home by Matty J. Though we were told Elora didn’t handle the rejection well – and set fire to all the gifts Matty gave her – nothing out of the ordinary was shown on the show.

“No it didn’t burn anything,” Elora tells marie claire. “I love every memory that I created over there so I still have everything,” she continues.

“You hold onto the things that made you happy so I wouldn’t burn that.”

She did say that being sent home was a “serious shock”, but that she doesn’t think it had anything to do with her attempted cocktail party kiss last week.

“I don’t think it was anything to do with the kiss. If I was the one he was falling for – and the one who he ended up with in the end I’m sure he would’ve gone for the kiss,” she says.

That overnight date

While she’s adamant she didn’t sleep with Matty J on their one-on-one date to the Blue Mountains – “when I invited him in it was more about me wanting to hang out – it would’ve been amazing to hang out with him off camera” – Elora did reveal that the pair spent more time together than the cameras portrayed. 

“The next morning we had breakfast with the crew and Matty and then him and I went in the pool.”

“After that, the girls showed up and I had no idea they were coming so there was a bit of tension there as well.”

“I didn’t know it was a Fantasy Suite date, I hadn’t even heard of that term until I left the show,” she reveals.

Who she thinks the winner is

While she’s a bit vague on names, Elora reveals that it was pretty obvious who Matty’s favourite girls were.

But as far as the winner goes? “You never really know, but Laura and Elise have always been ones that I was betting on,” Elora says. “And Florence as well.”

No Tara, you ask?

“No,” Elora says. “Because I think Elise and Laura really resemble Matty, they would be a really good fit for him.”

On what Laura’s really like

“I always had an idea from day one that Laura was going to be one of the top ones,” Elora tells, before going on to say that Laura isn’t always as nice as the cameras portray her.

“Laura is very confident and she knows who she is, and sometimes she can be a bit degrading to other girls – like any confident woman,” she continues.

“Elise was really having a hard time with Laura in group settings because Laura would just be really loud and talk over Elise and I could see them trying to fight to get a line out,” she reveals.

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