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‘The Bachelor’ Fan Favorites Laura And Florence Say They’re Open To Being The Bachelorette

Does this mean they don't win Matty's heart?!
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Hello Bachelor conspiracy theorists, thanks for stopping by.

The internet was in a tizzy this week when The Bachelor Australia contestant Jen may have let slip who wins Matty J’s heart—and the series. And now, another tantalising new piece of Bachie evidence about a possible winner has come to light.

Fan favourite contestants Laura and Florence both revealed they would be open to staring on The Bachelorette, suggesting that neither win the series.

Speaking to OK Magazine, jewellery designer Laura explained: “If I get to the end of this journey and I’ve enjoyed the experience…I’m never going to say no.”

Model Florence added: “I wouldn’t mind at all, but I’d be surprised if they wanted a Dutch girl to be the next Bachelorette of Australia.”

The saga continues at 8.30pm tonight on Ten. 

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