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A Bachelor Australia Contestant Says She Hates Matty J On Instagram

Those hashtags, though

While we’re pretty certain we know who the winner of Matty J’s heart is, thanks to these two suspicious Instagram posts, that doesn’t mean we’re not going to hang off every Mean Girl comment and romantic moment to hit our screens over the next few months.

With Jen throwing shade every two seconds, and *that* super awkward almost kiss last episode, it’s easy to have missed that the contestant Matty J sent home on Thursday night threw some serious shade his way post-break up.

Taking to Instagram, 27-year-old Laura-Ann Rullo shared her Bachelor journey from start to finish, but it was post-her last rose ceremony hashtags that got our attention.

Laura wrote “#hateyou” and “#biteme” after getting the boot from Matty J, as well as then revealing brand new blonde hair and taking off to Europe – talk about a post-break up transformation! 

Laura did write a less-bitter post in the caption of the above photo, though, so we’re guessing she’s totally recovered from the heartbreak now.

“So things didn’t go to plan last night, but that’s the beauty about life, stumbling into the unexpected adventures, meeting new people who make our heart warm and embracing this rollercoaster we call life,” she said.

“We are so consumed with planning every stage of our lives that we forget to embrace the very moment we are living in… ride those waves, smile through the turbulence and plan one thing, to have the purest of hearts.
Now, for the important part of this post:

Rookie error not byoing my own rose!”

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