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Viewers Respond To Last Night’s Controversial Episode Of ‘The Bachelor’

"You should have stepped in by now and you haven’t. Appalling."

Last night’s episode of The Bachelor was hard to watch for reasons other than we’re used to. Instead of sitting through an awkward first date or a wow-the-camera-is-far-too-zoomed-in kiss, we saw three grown women bully and belittle another contestant, resulting in her standing outside in the cold sobbing. 

Watching the scene at home, for many, was devastating. Rather than putting the young woman’s mental health first, producers chased Tenille down with a microphone and camera just to ensure they were getting her breakdown on film – at one point, a producer even asked, “How do you feel about Nick?”

Promoting outright bullying goes far further than having a series’ ‘villain’ for extra drama and viewers across Australia are outraged the behaviour is being not only condoned but aired across the country on national TV.

“Shame on you The outright bullying this season is sickening to watch,” one person wrote on Twitter. “You are condoning (possibly encouraging if they are actors) Romy, Cat and lacky Alicia’s disgusting behaviour. You should have stepped in by now and you haven’t. Appalling.”

“Seriously disgusting behaviour on this season.. it’s genuinely difficult to watch outright bullying and gaslighting,” another person commented.

Below, all the reactions to last night’s problematic episode of The Bachelor.

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