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The Bachelor’s Deanna Reveals She Used To Date This Reality TV Contestant

Jealous, us?

Another day, another scandal in the Bachie mansion – although this time, most of it played out in our living rooms and twitter feeds, as Australia reacted to Brooke’s ‘confession’ that she’s dated women.

We chatted to the latest Bachelor contestant to be sent home without a rose, Deanna, about how the girls in the house reacted to the news (hint: they were cool with it). The biggest reveal as far as we’re concerned? Deanna’s own dating history – including her ties with one of the most good-looking people on TV in recent weeks.

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How are you feeling after watching last night’s episode?

I was sad to see me go obviously, I didn’t want to go so soon – and it was sad to watch how the group date was shown on TV, because Nick and I actually had heaps of chats.

Were you surprised to be sent home?

I wasn’t surprised – I went into the rose ceremony thinking it could be myself or Jamie because coming in later, we both hadn’t had a lot of time with Nick. Everyone else had a connection and I just hadn’t had the chance yet.

You were accused of having zero emotion in last night’s episode – was that fair?

You’re sitting in a dark room under a spotlight and asked all these crazy questions and it totally throws you. Steve asked me if I believed in God, all these questions – I forgot I was even on camera. I’m like, I’ve just got my thinking face on, it doesn’t make me emotionless. It was a really uncomfortable situation.

You also applied to be the next Bachelorette and auditioned for Survivor – what appeals to you so much about reality TV?

I just love the challenges of Survivor – it’s such a personal challenge to put yourself through. With The Bachelorette, I’ve watched all the seasons and think it’s a good process, so many matches have lasted. I think you just never know what’s out there if you don’t try. It’s like they say – I’m from Adelaide, there’s a giant man drought – it’s not so much about reality TV, it’s more so the opportunity to reach out and meet new people.

Are you open to the idea of Bachelor in Paradise?
If I was single and hadn’t met anyone then yeah, I would have a good think about Bachelor in Paradise – I wouldn’t turn it down. I think everything happens for a reason so if that opportunity came my way, I’d take it.

Is it true that you used to date Robbie from Survivor?

We’ve dated in the past and we’re really good friends now. We used to swim together, we have a really good history. I’ve known him for 10-15 years. He’s the total package deal.

Who made the best impression on you in the Bachie mansion?

I really loved Jamie, she was my best friend in there. Brooke was so genuine and amazing, Cass was beautiful and the more I got to know Sophie, she was so funny. All the girls had such special qualities.

Who do you think will win?

It’s hard to say, but I think obviously Brooke and Brittany have a good chance. Maybe he’s got a soft spot for Jamie as well?

Last night Brooke told Nick about her pansexuality – was it as big a deal in the house as it was made out to be on TV?

We all knew already, Brooke’s very open about everything, she doesn’t believe in hiding who she is. I’m surprised they made it such a big episode reveal, because it’s so common now to have a connection with both sexes, I didn’t see it as a big deal at all.

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