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The Most Hilarious Tweets From Episode 5 Of ‘The Bachelor’

"Romy, Cat and the other blonde one who I can only remember because she gives the running commentary"

Episode 5 of The Bachelor started off with the Honey Badger taking Sophie Tieman – who’s been rumoured not only as a frontrunner, but to actually win the show – on her first single date. 

After chatting about downward dogs for a bit, the two kissed and Soph scored a rose. 

The next day the women went out on a group with a difference: instead of hanging out with Nick, they spent the day with his family, where basically everyone used the opportunity to talk shit about each other apart from pure, sweet Brooke. 

Naturally, Brooke was the Cummins’ family’s top choice and she spent the evening having dinner at the Bachie pad. 

The cocktail party was rather uneventful and Blair was sent home. Now to the good stuff: the best tweets of the night.

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