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We Recap ‘The Bachelor’ Episode 6

Featuring a tent visit and Cass' first one-on-one

On tonight’s episode of The Bachelor, Nick took Rhiannon on a sunrise hot air balloon ride where she basically frets the whole time about kissing him and he frets the whole time about them not having chemistry, before the producers take her away for a private – AKA we’re secretly recording and going to play this on national TV – conversaton.

Next up, a bunch of the women went on a group date, including Vanessa Sunshine in heels (this season’s hero), Cass (this season’s Jarrod) and Romy (this season’s… Romy).

Romy tells Nick that Vanessa doesn’t find him physically attractive, and when Nick checks the facts with Vanessa, he finds that, yes, that’s true. 

Nevertheless, Sunshine assured him she’s there for the right reasons and they head off for a bonfire.

During the night, Romy decides to switch tents, surprising the Honey Badger. In true 7:30pm TV slot fashion, all we heard was a bit of giggling, before it cut to the next morning and a very frazzled Cass.

But after Nick takes Cass away for their first one-on-one time, we see the start of a significant plot twist: Nick seems really into her, saying he can totally relax around her and that his feelings are progressing in the right direction. 

As Romy said when they returned looking loved-up, maybe Cass will get her happy ending after all. 

The group date ends with a surprise rose ceremony, with one of the six women being sent home. Naturally, after telling the Honey Badger she wasn’t into him, Vanessa Sunshine left the building/forest. 

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