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The Bachelor’s Jamie-Lee Addresses Rumours She’s Dating Brooke

And the other rumours that Nick is already single

Every day new rumours about The Bachelor come out – from who wins the show, to contestants dating each other, to a proposal, to reports that Nick Cummins is already single, it’s almost impossible to keep up. 

But here to clear up at least a few of the crazy stories is contestant Jamie-Lee, who entered the mansion as an intruder, before leaving on last night’s episode. 

Sorry to see you go! How was it watching yourself back on TV?

Very surreal! I’ll be walking past the TV at work and be like, “Omg, that’s my face!” But in all honesty, it’s going to sound super lame and a bit conceded, but I’m really proud of the way I handled myself throughout the whole thing. I didn’t give in to drama or anything like that and had a really beautiful experience. Yes, I make a little bit of a fool out of myself – I injure myself and I’m clumsy, but that’s how I really am!

How did you feel about Nick?

I knew that I was going in to meet Nick and didn’t know much about him, other than that he played football. I’m not the sportiest person in the world, so I was a little bit nervous. I didn’t know if I’d be meeting a football head kind of guy! But from the minute I met him, he was just so lovely and welcoming – and quite spiritual, which I picked up almost straight away and was a really nice added surprise. I thought he was a really lovely guy, we just didn’t seem to have that spark.

As far as Brooke goes, she’s been singled out as a frontrunner from episode one, did you girls have a feeling she had a strong connection with Nick from the get go?

Definitely, it was really evident that they were vibing. I was close to Brooke in the house, she was a good friend and so I was hearing things from her side as well. I definitely see her as a frontrunner and I reckon she’s going to take it home.

You two became good friends in the house, but why do you think there were rumours you were dating?

I think that rumour is a little disappointing. Just because you have two, let’s use the term ‘bisexuals’, in one room, it doesn’t mean they’re dating. I think that’s a little backwards. Brooke and I were really good friends and that’s all it was, everybody knew that. We were in there for Nick and there was nothing else to it.

Totally! It was even weird that there was this plotline around Brooke ‘coming out’

Exactly. I didn’t go into the fact that I’ve dated women and that it’s part of who I am because Nick didn’t know much about me, but with Brooke, they connected so quickly that she felt like it was something he didn’t know about her and needed to. Kudos to her for opening up to all of Australia.

Are there any women in the house you think are underdogs?

I reckon Cass is an underdog. Their connection, they seem to really hit it off, and we saw that. She was in there to fall in love and it was great that she already had that connection with Nick, she had a step up.

What do you think about the rumours that Nick has already broken up with the show’s winner?

I don’t know how true that is. I don’t really give light to any of these rumours – if we did, everyone would think I was in a relationship with Brooke! I think that Nick had real connections with some of these girls, you can see the chemistry. It would really surprise me if that was the case!

Are you dating anyone at the moment?

Yeah, I am! Completely out of the blue, I was at an event and my ex was there. We hit it off, the timing was right and we’re really happy.

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