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The Bachelor’s Jen Says She Knew Who Would Win From Day 1

And reveals the truth about her shock exit

She’s The Bachelor contestant who “walked away from Matty J” and now resident mean girl Jen has come out firing on all cylinders, saying she “would never have kissed him” and was disappointed when she found out that Fireman Cam wasn’t this year’s Bachelor instead.

“You wouldn’t even need to put Cameron in a suit, he could have just worn his fireman gear!” Jen says, adding that “Matty is a great guy so I gave it a go, but we just had no spark. He definitely wasn’t for me.”

Jen reveals she never even said goodbye to Matty J or the girls in the mansion – although she did give Florence, who she says is an absolute legend, her coffee pods and blue shampoo. “I kind of said goodbye to Flo and Simone leading into the cocktail party, but I don’t know if they realised I was planning to leave that night,” she says. “I smoke-bombed the heck out of that cocktail party. I had no desire to say goodbye to anyone.”

Like Michelle before her, Jen told producers she was ready to leave two days before the eventful cocktail party, and says she had a good relationship with all the show’s crew. “I’m a producer’s dream – I have no filter, I say what I’m thinking, I’m brutally honest – which is what makes good TV, but the girls in the house couldn’t handle that,” she says.

As for her dramatic exit, it turns out a car did eventually come to pick her up. “I also had two huge extra suitcases,” she explains. “That small carry-on was just for hair and make-up!”

Who she thinks will win

Jen says there’s a clear winner in the house – and she picked it from day one. “I’d love to see Florence win, but I must admit as soon as I met Laura, I was like, this is the girl,” she reveals. “I even pulled her aside at one stage and told her I hoped she won it. She’s just a legend.”

“I know Elise doesn’t like her though – she says a lot of mean stuff about her behind her back,” she adds.


And that overnight episode

Oddly for someone who signs up to share a guy with 22 girls on national television, Jen says she never would have degraded herself by hooking up with Matty J. “I never would have kissed him in those circumstances – [on the overnight date] he and Elora were obviously making out all morning, then Flo had her tongue in his mouth six hours later. I could never bring myself to do that.”

What’s next

Jen has remained friends with Michelle, who she talks to “every single day” and has found love without the cameras rolling, although she’s keeping quiet on the details for now. “My personal life has been through the media enough for the last few months,” she says. “But I’m very happy.” She says she’d love to pursue a career in radio, but right now is focusing on launching a lingerie and swimwear label.  

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