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We Recap Episode 4 Of ‘The Bachelor’ Australia

Featuring a new frontrunner and (another) kiss attempt

Episode 4 of The Bachelor thankfully skipped that awkward AF whose-name-is-in-the-envelope scene (probably because the producers have scarred Cass for life after their little ‘our paths have crossed before’ joke) and instead, jumped straight into Nick’s first one-on-one time with Russian PT Dasha.

Coming in as an underdog, mother-of-one Dasha not only had a heart to heart with Nick (where they talked future children, spoiler: both up for it), but she also scored a kiss and a rose.

Could this brunette babe take out the competition

Next up, all the women headed to a group date where they played some Hunger Games activity, complete with shooting a bow and arrow at each other’s heads.

Cat won the extra time with Nick and – taking a leaf out of Romy’s book – tried to go in for the kiss. But, just like her evil twin, got rejected. Karma’s a bitch, ladies.

The cocktail party started off with Blair (who? the blonde PE teacher) taking Nick away to play basketball, simultaneously showing off her bangin’ bod. But, as Romy points out, “she’s still a massive bogan.”

Cass didn’t get the time to chat to Nick at the cocktail party, despite watching his every move, so she was pretty nervous walking into the rose ceremony. 

Steph and Aleksandra end up getting sent home, before we see a promo for next week’s episode with Romy telling her mother (maybe) that Cass is in love with Nick and – you guessed it – Cass finding out.

Who knows what we’re all going to do for the next six days, but let’s start with speculating about who wins, eh

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