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The Bachelor’s Rhiannon Spills On What The Girls Really Think Of Nick

"He was just so overwhelmed"

It was possibly the most awkward date in Bachelor history: when Rhiannon asked Nick Cummins – multiple times – if he ‘wanted a kiss?’, before turning around to ask the film crew if the date was done yet. Cue the entire nation (or at least, those among us glued to The Bachelor every night) cringing simultaneously.

It came as no surprise to anyone – least of all Rhiannon – when she was unceremoniously booted from the show during last night’s rose ceremony, ahead of the three new intruders. Below, we quiz the eliminated Bachelor contestant on what really happened on that single date, how sweet the Honey Badger really is and the truth about show villains Romy and Cat.

Were you surprised to be sent home so soon?

In the moment, absolutely not. Nick and I had a chat at the cocktail party that night which you don’t see, and I was just like this is not natural for me, I wasn’t getting a good vibe. I knew in my heart that I was going soon.

Were you disappointed?

Only that I didn’t get a chance to redeem myself after that date, but that was the only thing. Being in that house for six weeks, with no phone or internet or anything from the outside world, was mentally draining.

Was the end of your single date as awkward as it looked?

It was bad for me to watch. I was like, ‘noooo’! All the bad bits merged into one. But at the time, of course it was awkward when he hesitated, but it blew over really quickly and we were laughing and the date actually ended on a good note.

Do you feel like the producers manipulated the situation and edited you badly?

I think every situation that you see is heightened; obviously they weren’t going to show the whole date, we sat on the couch for an hour talking about all these cool things, but all you got was the awkwardness.

What did you think of Nick?

I definitely knew by the end that he could be a mate of mine, but there wasn’t that chemistry. But he’s a really nice guy and he’s got a good heart.

What was the general consensus on Nick in the house?

Some of the girls were keener than others, and everyone thought he was a really nice guy, but he was just so overwhelmed. I don’t think he’d ever even watched the show before and you could just feel that he was overwhelmed the whole time.

There’s been a lot of talk of bullying on the show – Vanessa Sunshine told us it’s actually worse than what we’re seeing on TV – is this true?

For Vanessa, probably. They didn’t get along. There were a handful of girls that Romy and Cat just didn’t get along with and they were vocal about it, but they were always so nice to me. They were actually really lovely, always lifting me up if I felt down. Everyone looks out for each other in there and you just don’t see that on TV.

So there’s another side to Romy and Cat that we don’t get to see?

Absolutely – Cat was giving jewellery to all the girls, to anyone who wanted to wear it on dates, and she’d help style everyone’s outfits. Yes, they’ve said some pretty bad things, but they’re not bad to the soul. They’ve just been very vocal. 

Who were you closest to in the house?

The three of those girls actually; I still speak to them as well as Brooke, Dasha, I was pretty much friends with everyone.

Who do you think will win?

Brittany. I love Brooke but living in the house, we saw Brittany as the frontrunner from the start. When you saw Brittany and Nick talking and laughing, they had the same dad joke humour, they both love travel, they have a lot of things in common. But I’d be happy if anyone won – every girl in there has a story and is deserving of finding love.

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