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Sophie Tieman And Brittany Hockley Are Reportedly Doing ‘The Bachelorette’ Together

Talk about double trouble

After the shocking finale of Nick Cummins’ season of The Bachelor, which left both finalists, Sophie Tieman and Brittany Hockley, heartbroken, it looks like the pair could become Australia’s next Bachelorette(s).

After reportedly failing to secure Brooke Blurton, the third runner-up in Nick’s season, as Aussie’s first bisexual Bachelorette, producers decided to try having two women at the centre of the show, instead.

Enter Sophie, 25, and Brittany, 30, the two best friends who won Australia over by choosing to band together and laugh over the ridiculous spectacle that was the Bachelor finale.

An insider told NW that due to Ali Oetjen’s low ratings this season, “Producers needed a new trick to win back the ratings.”

“They’re already best friends – and have dated the same guy once before and were able to respect that and make it work. So it’s easy for them to do it again, this time with a whole batch of boys,” the source continued.

Finger’s crossed the rumours are true and we’ll soon see two BFFs tearing up a room full of suitors. 

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