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The Case: Of JonBenet Ramsey’s Conclusion Will Send Shivers Down Your Spine

They narrowed the case down to one theory.

Part Two of The Case of: JonBenet Ramsey aired last night on Channel Nine and came to a chilling conclusion.

After analysing new evidence and picking apart the case, former FBI profiler Jim Clemente and criminal behaviour analyst Laura Richards put forward their theory behind the suspect who they think killed JonBenet.

In Part One of the series, suspicions arose when they looked at the extra six seconds of the 911 call that revealed this very eerie conversation:

“We’re not speaking to you,” said a voice that sounded like John Ramsey.

“What did you do? Help me Jesus,” said a voice that sounded like Patsy Ramsey.

“What did you find?” said a child’s voice, which could have been JonBenet’s brother Burke.

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In the series, they determined that the weapon that crushed JonBenet’s skull was most likely a flashlight – the same flashlight that was found nearby the scene of the crime. They even tested to see if a 9-year-old could deliver enough force for a deathly blow, and it was proved feasible. 

This context makes a psychological interview with Burke Ramsey when he was 9-years-old all the more creepy. When asked how he thinks his sister was killed, he actually gives a physical demonstration.

Which leads them to one of the key pieces of evidence linked to the crime – the pineapple found in JonBenet’s stomach. A bowl of pineapple was found on the table in the kitchen with fingerprints matching Burke’s on it.

The team of experts on the show came up with a theory that JonBenet had angered Burke by stealing a piece of pineapple from him and running away with it. Burke followed her and hit her with a flashlight, accidentally killing her. This scenario seems even more likely given that Burke had hit JonBenet with a golf club before, and had smeared faeces on her bed and on her things. 

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There was not conclusive evidence to prove that this is actually what happened, however it does seem like the most likely scenario from the evidence available.

Given the stark similarities between Patsy Ramsey’s handwriting tests and the ransom note, they concluded that the parents covered up Burke’s actions to protect their remaining child.

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