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The ‘Gilmore Girls’ Creator Doesn’t Understand Why People Are So Obsessed With Rory’s Boyfriends

"I don’t see people debating “What newspaper is Rory’s working for?”"

Gilmore Girls creator Amy Sherman-Palladino has opened up in a recent interview about the true meaning of the show.

She spoke to TIME about being frustrated that people were so focused on Rory’s boyfriends, when really the show was supposed to be about the relationship between Rory and Lorelai.

“It’s a small part of who Rory is. Rory didn’t spend her days thinking, “Who am I going to end up with?” Rory was much more concerned about “How do I get that interview at the New York Times?” It’s a natural thing: People love romance. Romance is an element of every show on air, including The Sopranos or Breaking Bad.

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It certainly has been a big topic of discussion in the lead up to the Netflix Gilmore Girls revival – and people already have their theories.

However Sherman-Palladino is conflicted when it comes to the boys on the show. While she recognises that they are important to Rory’s life, she says they serve another purpose.

“I have such great affection for all three of these boys as actors and as people. They were a very big part of the show, and frankly they were always there to feed stories about Lorelai and Rory. That was the core of everything. Lorelai’s relationships, Rory’s relationships were a way for us to explore the mother-daughter relationship.”

She left readers with a stark reminder that brings things into perspective!

“I don’t see people debating “What newspaper is Rory working for?” “Did she win a Pulitzer yet?” It’s all about Dean and Jess. Dean was 16 years old when they dated. Everybody should go back and think about their boyfriend at 16 and then reevaluate whether that should be the focus of the conversation.”

The Gilmore Girls revival comes to Netflix November 25.

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