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See ‘The Crown’ Season 5 Cast Next To Their Real-Life Royal Counterparts

It's Elizabeth Debicki with Diana's signature chop for us.
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Fans of The Crown have never anticipated a new season more than its fifth instalment, which is set to cover off one of the most tumultuous and significant periods in royal history with an all-new (and star-studded) cast. 

The narrative will kick off in the early 1990s with the cast now portraying the famous royals several years on from our last glimpse of them in season four.

In the late 80s, Diana was finding her feet in the royal fold, she would dress in traditional, modest royal attire and she was navigating the insecurities that came with a role that saw her every move scrutinised and documented. But in the 90s, she came into her own. Gone was her wardrobe of constrictive, covered-up silhouettes and her tight-lipped, polite niceties—Diana was different, her style was different and it cemented her as one of the most famous (and loved) historical figures of all time. 

In season five and six, Elizabeth Debicki portrays this version of Diana to a tee. With her famous chop, iconic wardrobe and air of empowerment, with kindness and elegance, it’s clear even just from the first sneak peeks that they’ve nailed this casting. 

As for the others, Imelda Staunton looks the part as Queen Elizabeth, who was in her mid 60s as the 1990s kicked off, while her husband Prince Philip is played by Jonathan Pryce. Dominic West takes on the role of Prince Charles, with his dark curled hair and and air of superiority making a convincing case as the heir apparent. 

But enough talking, the images will do the rest for us. Below, we look at the cast of The Crown for seasons five and six next to their real life counterparts. 

Imelda Staunton plays Queen Elizabeth

(Credit: Getty / Netflix)

Jonathan Pryce plays Prince Philip 

(Credit: Getty / Netflix)

Dominic West plays Prince Charles

(Credit: Getty / Netflix)

Elizabeth Debicki plays Princess Diana

(Credit: Getty / Netflix)

Olivia Williams plays Camilla Parker Bowles

(Credit: Getty / Netflix)

Claudia Harrison plays Princess Anne

(Credit: Getty / Netflix)

James Murray plays Prince Andrew


Senan West plays Prince William

(Credit: Getty / Netflix)

Teddy Hawley plays Prince Harry

(Credit: Getty / Netflix)

Amir El-Masry plays Mohamed Al-Fayed 

the-crown-Mohamed Al-Fayed
(Credit: Getty)

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