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The Five Most Unexpected Fall-Outs From Brexit

The fall of the British pound was anticipated by many economists and political figures, but can you guess what unexpected impacts the Brexit referendum has had on the world in just a few short weeks?
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While the United Kingdom’s controversial withdrawal from the European Union has already lead to numerous changes and downfalls that were anticipated by experts, economists and “stay” campaigners, we reflect on the five most unforeseen effects of the Brexit referendum.

1. Game of Thrones

According to reports by the Sydney Morning Herald, everybody’s favourite TV fantasy show Game Of Thrones has been left unsettled after the UK’s controversial vote to “leave” the EU. With filming locations in Croatia, Iceland, Malta, Morocco and Spain – all EU countries – the fate of Jon Snow on our television screens is uncertain once again. 

2. Serena William’s Wimbledon Prize Money

Earning her 22nd Grand Slam title this past Saturday to become a seven-time Wimbledon champion, Serena William’s lost a significant amount of her £2 million prize money. As the pound has fallen nearly 14% since the June 23 referendum, the American athlete lost over $415,200 US.

3. Spa Treatments Boom

In the wake of Britain’s decision to leave the European Union, New York Times reports that bookings for spa treatments at a London-based beauty salon have increased by 30 percent! Clients are flocking in by the hundreds to receive relaxing spa treatments and beauty therapies.

4. ASOS website crash

Although completely denied by the fast fashion retail giants at, the Internet lost their minds over a recent website crash many have linked to the post-Brexit-referendum madness. Despite the outrage, the Guardian have recently reported that the British online fashion and beauty store are expected to benefit from the fall in the pound’s value, as it will make clothes cheaper for US and European customers. Plus, ASOS sent out 10% off coupons to every customer after the crash – so we’re not complaining! 

5. Cancer Research

On a more serious note, cancer researcher Vicky Foster has warned of the effects of Brexit on cancer research, including funding cuts for scientists, medical professionals and charities involved in cancer care. Losing EU funding, along with reduced donations to charities and less funding for new studies and projects, cancer researchers are extremely concerned about the future of research for cancer patients in Britain.

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