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The Funniest Moments From Yesterday’s Melbourne Cup

What happens at the Cup doesn't always stay at the Cup...

It’s the race that stops a nation – and the race that sees a lot of people celebrate just that little bit too much.

While a horse named Almandin and his human Kerrin McEvoy won the big race, it’s the trackside shenanigans of the punters that has everyone talking today.

What happens when you cross live television with too much bubbly? Well a Channel 9 reporter found out when in the middle of a live cross he was interrupted by a good samaritan who found a wallet on the ground behind him.

That good samaritan was Shae Miller, an office manager from Brisbane, who appeared on the Today show this morning, who says in her, ahem, merry state, she didn’t realise there was a live cross happening.

“I just — I think I was more shocked that he [Willmington] wasn’t prepared to help me find the owner there,” she explained. “I wasn’t expecting a no!”

“I didn’t really look around … obviously I should have,” Miller replied.

However that wasn’t the only live cross to be hijacked on the ground at Flemington, with a 7 News reporter also finding herself in the way of an overzealous racegoer.

Speaking to the camera, reporter Estelle Griepink was interrupted by a woman who grabs the microphone and starts speaking. Griepink manages to grab the mic back and continue with what she was saying, like a pro.

We’re guessing that of the 100,000 punters that frocked up and headed down to Flemington for the race, there’s more than just a few sore heads this morning…

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