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The Moment George Clooney Heard About Brangelina’s Divorce Mid Interview

Well... that was uncomfortable.

George Clooney is currently attending the United Nations General Assembly with his wife, international human rights lawyer Amal Clooney.

The actor joined President Obama for a round-table of CEO’s who are pledging money to help fight the Syrian refugee crisis. Afterwards, he appeared in an interview with CNN, and a reporter asked for his opinion on the other big news today, the Brangelina split.

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And it was seriously awkward.

George looked truly shocked to learn that his best mate Brad Pitt had split from wife Angelina Jolie.


The CNN reporter tried to ask George for his opinion, and the actor simply said: “I didn’t know that.”

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“I feel very sorry for them. That’s a sad story.

Visibly shocked, he added, “It’s unfortunate for a family”.

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