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The Most Expensive Countries In The World To Give Birth

How does Australia stack up?

Australia is one of the most expensive countries in the world to live, so it’s no surprise that we’re also included on a new list of the most expensive countries to have a baby.

According to a new study by The Lancet, Australia is the second most expensive country in the world to give birth.

The study ranked 14 developed countries and placed Australia only behind the United States, which was the most expensive.

In Australia the average cost of a vaginal birth is estimated at $9,089, while a caesarean birth is estimated at $14,086.

While the majority of women will deliver by vaginal birth in Australia, 32 per cent will give birth via caesarean, this is the highest rate across all 14 countries.

Fewer than 1 per cent give birth at home.

Australia was also found to have the second-highest rate of women over 35 giving birth with 23 per cent, after Spain with 35 per cent.

Source: News Corp, 9News

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