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The Most Hilarious Reactions To #CensusFail

It was the crash that everyone saw coming, and naturally the Twitterverse went to town on it...

While some 2 million Aussies managed to log on and enter their details for the 2016 Census, the majority were left frustrated when the website crashed.

It has since been revealed that the Australian Bureau of Statistics were forced to shut down the site after foreign hackers made four targeted attacks causing the site to crash.

“It was an attack,” chief statistician David Kalisch confirmed to ABC radio.

“It was quite clear it was malicious.”

While the ABS has assured users who did manage to complete the form that their personal information is secure, they are yet to confirm when the site will be back up and running.

“ABS would remind Australians that they have plenty of time to complete the Census, to well into September, and again note that fines will not be imposed for completing the Census after Census night,” he added. 

While this is all well and good, the best part of it all were the hilarious Twitter reactions to #CensusFail.

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