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This Is The Single Most Unattractive Thing Men Do After Sex

And there's a study to prove it.

A new report has revealed that men are frequently making one of the best moments of sex for women about themselves, and it may not surprise you to hear what that is.

The study aims to help answer the age old question in science: What is the evolutionary function of a female orgasm?

The Sun reports that the paper, called Do Women’s Orgasms Function as a Masculinity Achievement?, suggests that many men are using female orgasms as a sense of their own achievement, rather than for the pleasure of a woman. 

The study, published in the Journal of Sex Research Paper, explored how men associate a woman’s orgasm with their own masculinity, and that they can ‘ruin things’ by boasting about their own performance after having sex. 

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It asked 810 heterosexual men to discuss what they do during and after sex, and to give a rating of how masculine they felt after their partner has an orgasm.

The results confirmed what many women have already known – that men who are more concerned about their masculinity are likely to feel a self-esteem boost if their partner orgasms.

However women are not nearly as keen on this – boasting is largely viewed as a turn off, and it can be viewed as the single most unattractive thing men do after sex.  

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Interestingly, while the female orgasm is obviously pleasurable for women, the study suggests that it may ultimately actually serve men and be an expression of masculinity. 

More study required please, scientists.

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