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The Real Reason Behind Laurina’s Bachelor In Paradise Meltdown

'It all became too much'

Last night’s episode of Bachelor In Paradise saw Laurina Fleur have a “meltdown” after being chosen for a date card.

Problem was, it was 8pm and she was happy chilling out after just applying a face mask. Yep we’ve all been there before.

Sure they’re on the island to find love, but as Laurina put it herself, “I don’t like anybody here! I don’t need a date.”

Girlfriend just wants a little ‘me’ time.

After her fellow contestants try to convince her to go she goes into meltdown, after being told she has 10 minutes to get ready.

“I’m not going in 10 minutes! I still have to have a shower! I can’t get ready in 10 minutes,” she says. 

“Where’s production? Who do I talk to about this?”

However following her meltdown, behind the scenes it has been revealed that Laurina decided to leave the paradise and has now revealed the heartwrenching reason why.

“I lost my brother to suicide a month before going on the show and at that point, I realised I really just needed to go. I initially thought going on the show would be a good form of escapism; if I fell in love there, then maybe I wouldn’t feel all the pain that I was suppressing,” she told Mamamia.

Producers confirmed her departure in a Tweet last night, writing, “It’s all become too much for Laurina, and she’s decided to leave Paradise. We wish you all the best.”

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