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Why Boys From A US High School Are Collecting Tampons

It's all for a good cause!

Boys from James Hillhouse High School in Conneticut, US are collecting tampons for their female classmates. In a movement to help respect womanhood, they’ve decided to fundraise to provide girls who are menstruating (often for the first time) access to free tampons and pads in restrooms at the school. 

The learnt that 86% of women had been out in public and caught by their period, without a tampon in hand, so decided they’d provide free feminine hygiene products so that they’re at the ready when the girls need them.

The New Haven Register reports that the boys involved are part of the Kiyama Movement, influenced by the philosophy of Malcolm X, with an emphasis on sexual responsibility, fatherhood, respect for womanhood, life and economic accountability.

Other schools in the US are also making efforts to combat this issue, with 25 public schools in New York dispensing free tampons and pads for students.

What a great initiative!

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