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The Reason Why #MeAt14 Is Trending Today

The powerful hashtag has gone viral

Countless women have shared photographs of themselves at 14 years old to highlight the age of consent and to protest sexual assault. 

Celebrities including Alyssa Milano and Katie Couric have used the hashtag #MeAt14 to emphasise that a 14-year-old child cannot consent to have sex with an adult.

The hashtag was launched in response to allegations that Alabama Senate candidate Roy Moore pursued a 14-year-old girl when he was 32, the ABC reports.

The woman claims Moore had initiated sexual contact with her in 1979 when he was a state prosecutor. Moore has since denied the allegations.

The hashtag was initiated by North Carolina Lawyer Catherine R L Lawson, who tweeted “Can’t consent at 14. Not in Alabama. Not anywhere.”

“I shared a picture of me at 14 to illustrate there is no acceptable version of this story; teenagers can’t consent to a relationship with a grown man, ever,” she told the BBC.

Read some of the many powerful tweets below.  

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