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Everything We Know About The Fourth Season Of Thriller Series ‘The Sinner’

Hold tight.

The Sinner has garnered a huge fan base since it first went to air in 2017, with Jessica Biel’s haunted and damaged narrative hooking us from the get go.

When seasons two and three were subsequently released, the same intrigue and hype surrounded the series.

It’s now returning to our screens for a fourth—and sadly final—season, which looks to be just as gripping as its predecessors. Oh, and yes, fan-favourite Harry is well and truly back to give a new case his investigative best.

Here, a look at what to expect from The Sinner season 4—including the plot, cast and release date.


What is The Sinner season 4 about?

Per Deadline, season four will centre around a new case, with the show’s main character Harry Ambrose helping the investigation, despite now being retired.

The scene is set in Hanover Island in Northern Maine, where Harry travels with his wife Sonya to recuperate after the gruelling case he dealt with a year prior.

But a tragedy involving the daughter of a prominent family on the island leaves locals reeling, and Harry is pulled in to help the investigation.

Interest piqued? Check out the trailer for season four below.

WATCH BELOW: The Sinner Season 4 Trailer

Who is cast in The Sinner season 4?

Bill Pullman and Jessica Hech play husband and wife Harry and Sonya, respectively, while newcomer Joe Cobden will also join the cast in season four as Hanover Island’s Police Chief.

Once again, Jessica Biel (who starred in the first season) returns as executive producer alongside Derek Simonds and Michelle Purple.

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Will There Be A Season 5 Of The Sinner?

In a recent report by Deadline, season four of The Sinner is set to be the show’s last after it was cancelled by its own network. Running for four incredibly successful seasons, the anthology series kicked things off with its first instalment, featuring Jessica Biel and a rather intense murder on the beach.

This current season will continue to air and will see a final conclusion drawn for Pullman’s Harry as he investigates one final mystery on Hanover Island.

And quite frankly, The Sinner will be sorely missed by us and all.

What date will The Sinner season 4 be released?

While the USA Network is yet to confirm a release date, it’s understood The Sinner will begin airing in the US this October.

Hopefully Australia’s release date will fall around the same time. And until then, you can watch seasons one to three on Netflix here.

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