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A Re-Released ‘The Sound Of Music’ Soundtrack Will Include 40+ New Songs

The new album won't just include new versions of the songs we know and love but completely new ones and Christopher Plummer's previously unheard vocals.
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The Sound Of Music is one of those movies you can watch again and again—and a lot of us do.

But even if you regularly turn on the film, you probably didn’t expect anything new to arise from a film made almost 60 years ago—but you would be wrong. 

The film’s soundtrack is set is set to be re-released with more than 40 new songs, including unheard vocals from the late Christopher Plummer.

Christopher Plummer In The Sound Of Music
Christopher Plummer as Captain Von Trapp in ‘The Sound Of Music’. (Credit: 20th Century Studios)

While Plummer, who starred as the strict father of seven, Captain Vonn Trapp, recorded vocals for the 1960 musical film, his original recordings weren’t used in the original soundtrack—instead, those songs are sung by Bill Lee. 

The newly released Super Deluxe Edition of the album will be the first time most of the world will hear Plummer singing the songs from the film. This is sure to be a bittersweet experience for Plummer’s many fans, who mourn the star after his passing at age 91 in February 2021. 

The album, which will be released on December 1st, will include remastered versions of ‘The Sound of Music,’ ‘Edelweiss,’ ‘My Favorite Things,’ and ‘Do-Re-Mi,’ as well as 40 previously unreleased tracks, instrumentals of each song, and 11 never-before-heard alternate takes.

The new songs include one titled ‘The Little Dears’, which is a combination of ‘I Have Confidence’ and ‘My Favourite Things’, and a song called ‘New Governess.’ 

The Sound Of Music
(Credit: 20th Century Studios)

Mike Matessino, a film historian and associate of the film’s director Robert Wise, was responsible for the remastered album. In the liner notes of the album, Matessino wrote: 

“You will hear what you’ve heard before, famous songs with the mellifluous tones of Dame Julie Andrews leading the way,” Matessino wrote. “But the experience has been transformed beyond what the 1965 soundtrack album offered — with extensions to the songs, a brilliantly arranged underscore, and even some segments not used in the completed version of the film.”

The Sound Of Music
Julie Andrew as Maria Vonn Trapp. (Credit: Getty)

The Super Deluxe Album will be released alongside a Deluxe edition of the album, which consists of two CDs and a three-LP vinyl collection. The three-LP vinyl edition will include a ‘Picnic Meadow Green’ coloured vinyl, of which only 500 copies will be available worldwide. The standard edition of the album will also be refurbished. 

The Sound of Music‘s super deluxe edition will be released in various formats on Dec. 1, and is now available for pre-order.

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