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The Subtle Way The Queen Shaded Trump

Bow down

She’s The Queen of England but HRH has just proved she’s also The Queen of Trolling.

During her time with Donald Trump last week, Queen Elizabeth II expertly shaded the US President not once, but three times.

How? With her brooches. The accessories The Queen wore during Trump’s visit were all subtle digs at him, as pointed out by Twitter user @SamuraiKnitter. “[Queen Elizabeth] does hundreds and hundreds of appearances and maybe 95% or higher, she wears a brooch. And the brooch is ALWAYS significant,” she tweeted.

On the day Trump arrived in England, The Queen wore a brooch the Obamas gave her on their last visit. A brooch they paid for with their own money as a personal gift.

The next day, she wore a stunning Sapphire Jubilee brooch, which was a gift from Canada – the country Trump is currently disputing with over timber and dairy products.

The Queen saved her best troll for last; on Trump’s final day in England she wore the same brooch her mother wore to her father’s funeral. Yes, his FUNERAL.

Can someone get Trump an ice pack for that sick burn?

Queen Elizabeth II, we salute you (and your fabulous brooches).

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