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Therapy Dogs Arrive At Orlando Shooting Memorials To Comfort Survivors

Dogs really are man's best friend

Image: Facebook/ LCC K-9 Comfort Dogs

Therapy dogs are being sent out across the United States to help comfort survivors of the Orlando shooting and their families and friends as they grieve.

The dogs, mostly golden retrievers, are trained to provide empathy, and allow people to have an unspoken connection that they may not get with humans.

Their trainers responded quickly, within hours of the events of the shooting, to send the dogs to many states, including Iowa, Illinois, Texas, Tennessee and Wisconsin, attending vigils in the areas. 

The dogs learn as many as 25 commands, such as lying next to people and letting them rest their hands on them.

Tim Hetzner, President of the Lutheran Church Charities, who sent 11 dogs to Orlando following the attacks, has said to The Chicago Tribune that the dogs offer a lot of support.

“They are good listeners, your conversation is confidential, they don’t take notes… and they show unconditional love.”

Dogs really are man’s best friend!

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