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This Facebook glitch is seriously embarrassing

Has your account been affected?

Everyone has photos that make them cringe buried deep, deep within their Facebook profiles – be it an unfortunate snap from schoolies or a pic from that brief period when Supré was LIFE.

But what if we told you Facebook was dredging up said photos at random and making it look like you were posting them today? That’s what’s happening to unlucky Facebook users across the globe, along with old status updates (yes, it gets worse).

According to Gizmodo, the glitch has something to do with the Facebook Year in Review video option that’s doing the rounds. And people are not happy – not surprisingly given how humiliating this glitch could be.

Facebook is currently working to fix the problem, telling PCMag, “We are aware of this and are investigating.” In the meantime, it might just be safest to purge your account of anything you don’t want resurfacing any time soon.

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