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THIS Is How You Put More Sex Into Your Relationship

Men should take notes.

We’ve unlocked the key to spicing up your relationship… and it has nothing to do with lingerie, romantic dinners or long walks on the beach.

The secret?


Yep, according to a new study, couples that share housework have more sex.

Sandra Bullock Malibu home
House spotless = sexytime.. (Credit: Image via Compass.)

Researchers at the University of Utah found that couples who share the majority of household chores had sex an average of 6.8 times per month. On the other hand, when one partner did the majority of work, couples had sex around 5 times each month.

Co-author of the paper, Professor Sharon Sassler said that, “Nationally, internationally there’s a decline in sexual frequency. The only ones [couples] that are having more sex are in egalitarian marriages. The sexual scripts have changed.”

“Other groups – including those where the woman does the bulk of the housework – have experienced declines in sexual frequency.”

The takeaway? Happy couples have more sex! So, when the workload is shared evenly, both partners feel more supported in their relationship and have more time and energy to have sex.

It might be time to rethink that cleaning roster.

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