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See What Friends Star Maggie Wheeler Looks – And Sounds – Like Now

Oh. My. GOD.

Who could forget Chandler’s annoying ex girlfriend Janice in Friends?

That voice. That laugh.

Actress Maggie Wheeler played the iconic character, who, despite Chandler’s feelings for her waning and their relationship ending, became a fan favourite.

The 55-year-old, who went on to star on Californication, made an appearance on UK’s This Morning program and viewers couldn’t believe how different she sounded.

Wait, it was all a lie?

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“It was this progression of how Janice evolved and how the writers created the character for me. The laugh just happened organically,” she said.

“Matthew Perry is so funny. I created Janice’s laugh because I knew I needed something.”

When asked about her favourite scene from the hit show, she says it was a Valentine’s Day episode called ‘The One with the Candy Hearts’.

“I have many favourite moments. In that Valentine’s restaurant where she says, ‘Because you know, you could make little puppets out of them, and you could use them in your theatre of cruelty’,” she said.

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