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This Man’s Heartwarming Hillary Clinton Story Is Going Viral

This story is a very telling alternative to the scare campaigns.

Hillary Clinton has received a lot of criticism in the media, particularly from Trump’s campaign using scare tactics, which often works to dehumanise her.

However one man has offered his own personal story about Hillary Clinton on Facebook, showing quite a different side to her altogether.

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The man, James Grissom, recalls his difficult experience with bladder cancer, and trying to seek financial aid for his medical care, as he couldn’t afford the treatment. Though he says that he used to be a Bernie Sanders supporter, he explains how he made the switch once he witnessed the passion and dedication of Hillary Clinton in making sure that he got a discount on his treatment.

He told his story in this powerful Facebook post:

This isn’t the only story of dedication that has been shared over the past week, as 9/11 survivor Lauren Manning gave a stirring speech at the DNC about how Hillary Clinton was there for her when she needed it and kept in touch years after she had been injured by the attack.

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