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This New Trailer For ‘Split’ Is Extraordinarily Terrifying

James McAvoy, is that you?

Are you familiar with Scottish actor James McAvoy?

You might remember him from such films as Atonement (2007), in which he played Robbie Turner…

Or maybe even as the delightful Mr Tumnus in The Chronicles of Narnia (2005)…

Well prepare to see a whole other side to him (or 23) in his new movie, Split, about a kidnapper with multiple personality syndrome.

In this frankly terrifying trailer, he kidnaps three girls and is seen with a psychologist who is in awe of his case, saying he has 23 personalities living inside his body. We get a glimpse of some – a ‘nine-year-old’ boy called Hedwig, a wild man he calls ‘The Beast’, and a seemingly middle-aged woman.

Creeped out yet? Watch the trailer if you’re prepared for a scare:

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