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Three Children Found Wandering The Streets After Father Allegedly Stabbed Their Mum’s New Partner

They were covered in blood.

Neighbours were horrified to discover three young children wandering around the streets screaming and covered in blood.

The Courier Mail reports that police arrived at the scene in Alexandra Hills, Brisbane to discover that their father had allegedly stabbed their mother’s new partner to death in a knife attack.

Their father, Osmond Greig, allegedly forced his way into the rear window of the family’s home and killed the mother’s new partner Daryl Corcoran by stabbing him multiple times.

After the attack, Greig turned the knife on himself and was rushed to hospital, requiring surgery. He is currently in a serious but stable condition.

Detective Inspector Owen Elloy spoke at a press conference about the horrific events.

“It was confronting, traumatising and now three young children don’t have a father figure heading into Christmas,” he said.

One of the neighbours who had taken the children in after the events, Trish Kennedy, said they were seemed to be doing fine.

“They seemed to be doing OK,” she said. “Considering what they had seen, they were coping as best they could given the circumstances.”

Osmond Greig is expected to face a bedside hearing with a series of charges for the crime.

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