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3-Year-Old Girl Shot Dead In Sydney Home

"He killed my baby girl"

Tragedy in Sydney’s western suburbs overnight as emergency services found a three-year-old girl fatally shot in the neck in her Lalor Park home.

After hearing a loud bang which they initially thought was a “car crash,” neighbours rushed outside to find chaos. 

“I ran outside … I saw a man on the floor, he was screaming ‘she is dead’ or ‘she has shot herself’,’’ Mel Toilalo told

“She was screaming it was his fault because he had a gun in the house.’’

7News reports that the three-year-old was at home with her mother and three brothers, aged between three and eight, at the time of the shooting.

The girl’s father and uncle were also reportedly visiting the home on Sunday night, according to 9News.

Upon arriving to the scene, neighbours quickly took the young siblings into a nearby home and away from the chaos.

Neighbours say the girl’s mother was hysterical, shouting “I hate you. He killed my baby girl,” to an unknown man at the scene, Daily Mail reports.

“Our neighbour took all the children into her house… there were three of them, the oldest would have been around eight,” a man said.

“Then the mum came into the house and it was chaotic and all of that. She was just rambling, she was hysterical.”

 Police are currently investigating whether the girl could have shot herself, no one has been taken into custody over the death yet.

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