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Tiahleigh Palmer’s Foster Brother Concerned She Was Pregnant

Tiahleigh Palmer's foster family are all currently being charged over her death.
Image: Supplied Queensland Police Service

UPDATE: A court has heard that Tiahleigh’s 19-year-old foster brother Trent Thorburn was worried that she was pregnant, and confessed this to his cousin soon before Tia’s death.

The Courier Mail reports that the revelation occurred over Facebook messenger, where Trent confessed to his cousin that he’d had sex with the 12-year-old. He had also mentioned the sex to his mother.

Police prosecutor Sergeant Elen French said that the Facebook messages had been provided to police by his cousin, and though he had been interviewed by police five times about it, he had denied the sexual relationship each time.

“This defendant betrayed her trust. He abused his position as big brother and took advantage of her,” French said.

“A consequence of that is her young life has been taken.”

Trent has been denied bail on four charges, and the case will return to court in November.

Tiahleigh Parlmer’s Foster Father Is Currently In Induced Coma

Tiahleigh Palmer’s foster father is currently in an induced coma after being charged with her murder and interfering with the corpse. reports Rick Thorburn, along with his wife and two sons also face charges linked with her death. Julene Thorburn and her 20-year-old son have been charged with perjury and attempting to pervert the course of justice, and her 19-year-old son has been charged with incest, two counts of perjury and attempting to pervert the course of justice.

Tia had been living with the family for 10 months before she died. Rick Thorburn claimed to police that he dropped her off to school on the morning she disappeared, and 6 days later, her body was found in Pimpana River. 

Thorburn was arrested last night, 11 months after Tia’s body was found. The charges arose after Tia’s biological mother Cindy revealed that the car believed to transport Tia’s body to the river belonged to Rick Thorburn before it was recently sold. Police will allege that he murdered her to cover up his son’s incestuous relationship with her. Thorburn collapsed shortly after being arrested at the police watchhouse and was taken to hospital.

According to ABC News, Julene Thorburn is currently cooperating with the police, and will be one of the key witnesses in court. Detective Inspector Hanson told ABC News that it has been a tough investigation.

“It is one of the most difficult I have been involved with,” he said.

“Some jobs aren’t easy. There was no person located at the scene admitting it, it was a real ‘who dunnit’ type of investigation.

“We believe we have sufficient evidence to take this before court.”

With Rick Thorburn now in hospital, he will liked face a bedside hearing.

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