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The Most Hilarious Internet Reactions To Toblerone’s New Shape

First Shapes, then Pringles, now THIS?!

Friends, it has been a horrifying year in many ways. On one hand, Trump may be the next president of the United States, but one the other hand… there have been some pretty serious changes to the world of our fave snack foods.

First, Shapes changed their iconic taste, which caused absolute outrage. Then Arnotts ruined our childhoods by closing the holes in Vita-Weat biscuits. AND THEN Pringles had the nerve to change the size and flavour of their chips.

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But now, things have gotten worse than we could have imagined. Toblerone have changed the shape of their chocolate – and there are less peaks than ever before.



So the Internet did what they do best and have created every outraged meme, joke and reference that they can think of! Here are some of our faves…

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