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Today in Donald Trump: ‘Most of the Powerful Men Running Companies Are Having Affairs’

Transcripts surface of Donald Trump making another (shock) misogynistic comment

In today’s Trump news, transcripts from his mid-00s radio show, Trumped!, have resurfaced where he talks about everything from marriage, to sex, and even his support for now-rival, Hillary Clinton. Described as “the biggest launch in radio history” by none other than Trump himself, listeners were treated to daily 90-second segments, with Trump voicing opinions that included what is now political gold.

One episode has Trump talking about the Boeing executive who was fired after news broke about his affair. “It’s highly unusual that someone in his position would get fired for an affair,” he said. “If you really did a poll, I would bet you most of the powerful men running companies are having affairs.”

On a stranger note, the transcripts also included Trump discussing his current political enemy, Hillary Clinton. “Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton, should try for the job [of President],” he said. He also described her as a “really, really great person.”

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