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Tom Hiddleston Confirms His Relationship With Taylor Swift Isn’t Just Publicity


The romance of Taylor Swift and Tom Hiddleston has been subject to a lot suspicion after Taylor Swift’s recent breakup with Calvin Harris. While rumours are floating around that the pair are madly in love and even want to get married, many people are not buying it with theories surfacing that it’s all for Taylor Swift’s next music video.

However Tom Hiddleston has finally addressed the conspiracy theories to the media, speaking to The Hollywood Reporter.

When asked straight out by the reporter whether or not the relationship is a publicity stunt, Tom Hiddleston responded with:

“Well, um. How best to put this? That notion is — look, the truth is that Taylor Swift and I are together, and we’re very happy. Thanks for asking. That’s the truth. It’s not a publicity stunt.”

So there we have it.

To be fair, you could be forgiven for mistaking their romance for a Nicholas Sparks movie.

Taylor’s ex Calvin also took to Twitter yesterday to voice his frustrations with Taylor, so this whole thing seems a bit complicated!

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