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Topless Model Arrested Over Links to Islamic State

Counter terrorism police fear she was being recruited as an ISIS bride

From posing topless for tabloids to terrorism — “glamour model” Kimberley Miners has not followed the traditional career trajectory of most pin-up girls.

The 27-year-old has been arrested by counter terrorism police on suspicion of the possession of terrorist material, amid fears she was being recruited to be an ISIS jihadi bride, the UK Telegraph reported.

Detectives had warned Miners, who has posed Topless in British tabloid The Sun, to stop her contact with extremists online after she allegedly exchanged social media messages with a recruiter and shared violent ISIS propaganda videos.

One account recently shared a video of two armed young children training for jihad alongside an adult fighter from Islamic State, and began posting images of Muslim women with rifles and other weapons.

Miners used multiple Facebook accounts under different names — including the alias Aisha Lauren al-Britaniya — to engage with extremists, the Sunday Times reported.

Miners pictured in Muslim attire in an image from her Facebook page.

Before her arrest on Friday, she told the paper the accounts were “fake profiles made against me”. “I myself am not active on any social media and do not have contact with anyone in association with terrorism,” she said.

Yet Miners revealed that she had travelled to Turkey — the most common springboard for Syria — on two previous occasions and planned to visit the country again this year, although she denied wanting to marry a jihadist.

The product of a Christian family, Miners first appeared in the national media in 2009 when she was juggling her job as a street cleaner in Bradford with a fledgling career as a topless model.

Her transformation is thought to have begun about a year later following the death of her father, Anthony, in a freak drowning. A relative said that “she never recovered from it.”

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