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So, Trump Lied About The Cost Of Melania’s Engagement Ring

Seriously, though

Donald Trump is a weird man, there are no two ways about it. He eats KFC with a knife and fork, he loves to rearrange objects on tables, and, seemingly, he loves to lie about things for no real reason at all.

The latest? That he got a $1m discount on Melania Trump’s engagement ring.

Why you’d even boast about that in the first place is confusing. Wouldn’t you want your new fiance to think you spent the big bucks on her, especially when you’re a billionaire? What’s a lazy million then?

Graff Diamonds, the jewellers who sold Trump the 15-carat diamond ring, told Forbes on Thursday that the US President paid full price, despite what he recounted in a 2005 interview with the The New York Times.

In the NYT profile titled ‘At Celebrity Nuptials to Die for, Vendors Give Themselves Away,’ Trump said he took a $1m discount because “only a fool would say, ‘No thank you, I want to pay a million dollars more for a diamond.”

melania trump

Trump also mentioned that he got discounted rates from various wedding vendors because the Trump name carries a lot of weight.

“Literally anything you can imagine from photos to flowers to food to jets to airports to diamonds,” he said. “And for every item, there’s five people who want to do it. In all cases they don’t want anything, but they want recognition.”

Prove it Trump, prove it. 

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