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Twitter Has Announced The Australian Tweet Of The Year

And we love it!

It’s been a huge year for the Internet. Between #Brexit, Donald Trump’s election and various #auspol updates, people have had a lot to tweet about.

But Twitter has declared the winner of Australia tweet of the year, what they call the ‘Golden Tweet’ (the more retweeted tweet). The announced the winner on a blog post titled ‘#ThisHappened on Twitter in Australia in 2016’. 

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This year the coveted social media title goes to documentary filmmaker Amelia Paxman, who got retweeted 130,000 times for sharing this brilliant observation about the US election.

The tweet touched on two very topical subjects for 2016 – Donald Trump and gendered violence – and struck a chord with people all over the world.

They also summed up more happenings in the Twitterverse, such as the top 10 biggest hashtags, which are as follows:

1. #auspol

2. #ausvotes

3. #Rio2016

4. #QandA

5. #Brexit

6. #ElectionNight


8. #PokemonGo

9. #AustraliaDay

10. #AusOpen

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And if you’ve ever wondered who the top 10 most followed Australians are on Twitter, here they are…

1. Luke Hemmings – @Luke5SOS

2. Cody Simpson – @CodySimpson

3. Michael Clifford – @Michael5SOS

4. Calum Hood – @Calum5SOS

5. Iggy Azalea – @IggyAzalea

6. Hugh Jackman – @realhughjackman

7. Ashton Irwin – @Ashton5SOS

8. Miranda Kerr – @MirandaKerr

9. Troye Sivan – @troyesivan

10. Shane Warne – @ShaneWarne

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