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Two Game Of Thrones Actors Open Up About ‘The Door’ Episode

Kristian Nairn (Hodor) and Isaac Hempstead-Wright share how they felt about THAT intense scene


Ok, you have been warned.

If you’ve watched ‘The Door’ episode of Game of Thrones, then you’re probably still in shock over everything that went down. Summer, Bran’s direwolf, died a cruel death, and we finally know the tragic origin behind how Wyllis turned into Hodor. The words “Hold the door” will never be the same again, and we may never get over the tears…

It must have been quite difficult for both Kristian Nairn (Hodor) and Isaac Hempstead-Wright (Bran) to take on this scene, having gone through so much together as characters already. 

Nairn, who is a Hodor-lover, and once even hoped that he would get the crown, was particularly devastated by the scene, but appreciated where it came from.

“I like that he sacrificed himself for his friends. It feels very true to Hodor to me. I’m just flattered I got so far, with so many people dying every year, I think I did quite well to get to season six.”

Isaac Hempstead-Wright can barely live with himself for playing the character partially responsible for his fate.

“He’s one of the only characters on Game of Thrones who genuinely doesn’t have an agenda of any kind, at all. He’s just Hodor,” Isaac said. “So to have him then killed is the ultimate twisting of the knife. It really is these good, kind characters who deserve nothing like that, and who have been through a horrible time themselves. Because Hodor was just, as we know, a totally normal kid who was then sort of screwed over by Bran.”

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