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Two Young Girls Reported Missing On 20th Floor Of Grenfell Tower Have Been Found Alive

Their mother, father and six-month-old sister are still missing

Two young sisters who lived on the 20th floor of Grenfell tower have been found alive in hospital.

Six-year-old Tamzin Belkadi and her elder sister Malek, 8, were found in hospital by relatives more than 24 hours after the huge blaze engulfed the West London tower. 

Their mother Farah Hamdan, father Omar Velkadi and six-month-old baby sister are still missing.

Relatives said that one of the girls had been sedated because of trauma, while the other was in a coma.

Their mother’s cousin Adel Chaoui told The Telegraph of their relief, after a horrific search to find the girls included begging sympathetic nurses and police officers to help.

He told the newspaper: My family has been round all the hospitals asking for anyone who matches the descriptions.

“One took pity on us and gave us information and lo and behold it was one of the children who was missing.

“Our brother is wandering around the wards around and sees at a child two beds down and found that it was her sibling. 

Mr Chaoui added that the hospital had no idea who the children were and didn’t realise they were related.

Ms Hamdan’s father told The Sun that his daughter, Mr Belkadi and their six-month-old daughter were still unaccounted for.

“We’ve been to all the hospitals and we’ve been searching all day but we still haven’t found them, we just want to know they are safe,” he said.

“We have had no help from the police, we understand that they’re busy but they’ve got casualties in the hospitals.”

“Unknown numbers” of people are still missing, with London’s fire chief warning that no survivors were expected to be found.

Seventeen people were so far confirmed to have died in the tragic blaze in Notting Hill, but it could take weeks for the final death toll to be confirmed.

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